Track Cycling World Cup Experience

Track Cycling World Cup Gift Experience


Christmas is fast approaching and we will all be bombarded with retail gift suggestions in the lead up to the festivities. Interestingly, however, what is emerging from recent research is that we are looking to spend more of our money on "Experiences" rather than material goods and this Christmas that trend is expected to continue.

The rise of gift experiences

The research highlights that we are looking to do more with our hard-earned cash. We want experiences that will be exciting, unique and most importantly, memorable. Why the change in our attitudes? The research suggests one of the reasons is because we are investing more in relationships. Be it with friends or family, we are placing more value on having memorable shared experiences than accumulating a mass of, often unused, gadgets or goods. We can then share our enjoyment with our wider friendship groups across our social media platforms. How many times have we seen facebook posts with the travel snaps or an instagram picure of an amazing plate of food in a favourite restaurant and wish we were there?

Experience the Track Cycling World Cup

So, for a memorable and unique Christmas gift this year, why not invest in an experience that will certainly be an Instagram hit and is a must attend this December? Be spoilt by taking centre stage at the UCI TISSOT Track Cycling World Cup!

You will be hosted in the centre of the track and will be on the field of play with the elite athletes. You will see National teams warm up beside you, you will feel the adrenaline of the racing up close and see team strategies and tactics being worked out right in front of you. You will also see first-hand the post-race reactions of the cyclists and coaches and join in with their celebrations.

The cycling equipment is truly state-of-the-art and the finely tuned athletes are incredible to see up close. Whether you are watching the sport for the first time or are a savvy and experienced race goer, you will enjoy a truly remarkable view from the centre of the track and share a fantastic experience with those around you. What's not to love about this gift this Christmas?